Ines De Ramon ‘a ray of hope’ in Brad Pitt’s life
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Brad Pitt has found comfort and support in his relationship with Ines De Ramon during his ongoing legal battles with Angelina Jolie. De Ramon has been a stable presence for Pitt, offering him emotional support. They have a private relationship but sources suggest they have been together for several years and are committed to each other. It should be noted that this information is based on reported sources and neither Pitt nor De Ramon have made any public statements about their relationship.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still dealing with legal issues regarding their French winery and custody of their younger children. They are also in a custody battle over their three biological children and one adopted child.

According to an insider, de Ramon has been a significant source of support for the actor during his challenging legal battles, as reported by Us Weekly. The source spoke about their relationship, indicating that de Ramon has been there for the actor in times of adversity.

According to the source, Ines has been a positive influence in Brad’s life following his difficult divorce from Angie. The source suggests that Ines has provided him with hope and has been beneficial for his overall well-being.

However, based on the given information, it seems that Pitt had wanted the legal proceedings with Jolie to be resolved before taking his relationship with De Ramon to a deeper level.

De Ramon is reportedly nearing the end of her divorce proceedings with her ex-husband Paul Wesley. According to a source, the process is expected to be finalized shortly.

Brad Pitt and Ines have had difficult experiences in their past relationships, resulting in them not being confrontational with each other. Instead, they have constructive conversations where they discuss their disagreements rationally and reasonably.