Jennifer Lopez promotes new song in funny video.
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Jennifer Lopez promotes new song in funny video.

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez has a beauty that defies age, but in her recent video posted to social media, she seemed to be having difficulty adjusting to new technology.

Her Instagram account has been flooded with a video in which the 54-year-old singer can be seen having a hard time presaving her new song Can’t Get Enough to her Spotify account, according to the video.

I need to know what my password is! “, she shouts to the assistant that is hiding behind the camera behind her.

Continuing to attempt to login to the streaming service, J.Lo mumbles “accept the cookies” to herself and continues to attempt to log in but the streaming service alerts her with a “wrong username or password” warning.

As soon as the On The Floor hitmaker gained access to the system for the first time, she immediately replied, “Well, I think I am done. Is that right?”? Her assistant answered that she still needs to pre-save her track, which will be released on January 10, 2024, to which she replied that she still needs to pre-save it.

In order to pre-save her song, “I did it,” she went to her own website which provided a link that provided a link to pre-save it. We’ve pre-saved it! The only thing you had to do was that.” That was all there was to it.”

Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming album, This Is Me… Now, is a follow-up to her 2002 album, This Is Me… Back Then, which was inspired by Lopez’s first relationship with Ben Affleck, with whom she has now rekindled her romance.