Brad Pitt son Maddox to slap actor with explosive Daddy Dearest.
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Brad Pitt son Maddox to slap actor with explosive Daddy Dearest.

There is no denying that Brad Pitt has a tense relationship with his children, but this won’t remain a secret for long because his eldest son, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, is preparing to release his memoir in the near future.

There has been speculation that Lane will delve into the issues he has experienced growing up with Pitt, including their now infamous plane fight from 2016 in his explosive tell-all book.

As reported by OK! magazine, according to the report, Maddox will talk about what it was like having famous parents with a special focus on the damaged bond he had with Brad Pitt.

According to a source close to the situation, ‘Daddy Dearest’ is a book that explores the complexities of their relationship, providing first-hand accounts of the ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations that accompany a relationship like theirs.

“It will offer readers a unique insight into the private life of one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures, making the bombshell book Joan Crawford’s daughter wrote about her look as memorable as Mary Poppins,” the insider concluded.

The release of the book comes at a time when Pitt is already “frustrated” over the behavior of his other son, Pax, who had written a scathing post on the 2020 Father’s Day only a few days ago.

Aside from calling Brad Pitt an “awful human being”, he wrote, “You time and time and again prove yourself to be a terrible and despicable person,” writing that Pitt was “evil and depraved.”

In addition to this, a video that Pitt and Jolie’s adopted daughter, Zahara, shared from her sorority event revealed that she has dropped the actor’s last name from her moniker.