‘I’m 67 and…’: Bushra Ansari gets honest about cosmetic procedures
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Bushra Ansari confessed to getting a few beauty treatments here and there as she ages, but wouldn’t want to undergo any drastic changes via surgery.

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The actor candidly discussed the ageist comments directed at her by trolls, but the veteran, least bothered by them, asserted that she is 67 and proud of it.

In ‘Aangan Terha,’ I played the character of a 60-year-old even when I was 27 years old,” Ansari said. As long as I look 57 at 67, I’m happy.”

Additionally, Ansari confessed that there is an age where a little support is needed regarding beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery. Shaista [Lodhi] does my brow lift occasionally. It doesn’t bother me at all. My age makes me want a facelift, but I don’t want anything done under my eyes. Don’t make me look plastic by overdoing it. There’s no way I’m getting lip fillers.”

Even the veteran addressed the lip filler allegations, clarifying that she ‘cleverly’ overlines her lips with a darker pencil and fills them with a lighter color to give the appearance of full lips.

Insisting that the girls not mess with their natural beauty at a young age, she stated, “I’m afraid of overdoing it because people know me, they’ve seen my face for so many years and any changes will be obvious.”

In addition, the actress credited her physical fitness to natural factors, stating that she avoids junk foods and caffeine at all costs and prefers fresh fruits and vegetables.