Google reportedly building AI that offers life advice
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According to reports, Google is developing artificial intelligence that offers life advice

At least 21 tools for life advice, planning, and tutoring have been developed by Google’s AI unit, DeepMind.

Scale AI, a $7.3 billion startup focused on training and validating AI software, has reportedly been contracted by Google to test the software.

Testing includes examining whether the tools offer relationship advice or can help users answer intimate questions.

As previously reported, Google’s DeepMind has become the “nimble, fast-paced” standard-bearer behind the company’s AI efforts. DeepMind developed the tools, the Times reported.

According to the Times, Google’s own AI safety experts presented a slide deck to executives in December warning of diminished health and well-being and a “loss of agency” for users who take life advice from AI tools.

Scale AI is a $7.3 billion startup that trains and validates AI software, and Google has reportedly contracted with them to test its tools. More than 100 Ph.D.s have worked on the project, according to sources familiar with the matter. Testing includes determining whether the tools can offer relationship advice or answer intimate questions.

According to the Times, one example prompt dealt with how to handle interpersonal conflicts.

A really close friend of mine is getting married this winter. At my wedding, she was a bridesmaid and my college roommate. In spite of my best efforts, I have not been able to find a job that will allow me to attend her wedding. My daughter is having a destination wedding, and I just can’t afford to fly or stay there. “What should I tell her if I will be unable to attend? ” the prompt reportedly said.

Per the Times, DeepMind’s tools are not meant for therapeutic use, and Google’s Bard chatbot only provides mental health support resources when asked for therapy advice.