Google now tells you the cheapest dates to book a flight
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Google recently updated Google Flights with more information that can help you save money by booking a trip during certain windows of time.

Imagine you’re planning a family vacation to Florida in the winter and you want to book your flights. When it comes to booking a flight, Google will let you know whether prices are lower or higher than average right now, as well as when to book to get the best deal.

Using a trip to Miami from Dec. 5 to Dec. 19, I tested it myself. Google said the prices are lower than usual, about $58 for a round trip on Frontier Airlines. It’s worth booking now, based on that information.

As an example, I attempted to book a trip to Cancun between March 6 and March 13. In Google’s opinion, the price, $282, was typical, but I could probably get a better deal if I waited until between Nov. 11 and Feb. 9.

It is usually about 1-4 months between takeoff that you’ll find the lowest prices for similar trips to Cancun, according to Google’s Flights page. “The prices are around $40 lower during this time.”