Global search for missing Beatles’ 1961 Höfner guitar
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The Lost Bass Project is seeking information about the “most important bass in history”.

Eight years after McCartney purchased the instrument in Hamburg, Germany, for £30 ($38), it disappeared.

McCartney urged Höfner to locate his beloved instrument after McCartney requested it.

She Loves You and Love Me Do feature bass in The Beatles’ music from those years.

Höfner’s search project is headed by Nick Wass who has joined forces with two journalists to solve the “greatest mystery in rock and roll history”.

In addition to working extensively with McCartney, he has written a book about the missing Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass.

The campaign to find the guitar began when Wass was asked about it during a recent conversation with the famous Beatle.

According to him, it is unclear what happened to the instrument after the Beatles finished filming Get Back in 1969. We don’t know where it was stored, or who might have been there.

“It’s the bass that made the Beatles,” Wass said.

Scott and Naomi Jones, who have both worked for , are helping in the search.

When Scott watched McCartney’s headline set at Glastonbury in 2022, he was curious about the guitar’s fate and approached Höfner, who had already begun talking about tracking it down after being urged by their famous client.

“Paul said to Höfner ‘surely you guys can find this guitar,’ and that’s how it all began.”.

Nick has more technical knowledge about this guitar than anyone on the planet, and Naomi and I are providing investigative skills.”

It’s anyone’s guess how much the guitar would fetch at auction, but there have been some precedents.