Gamescom: The biggest announcements at the show
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This year’s Gamescom featured space, alternative reality, and a stage invasion that organizers would rather forget.

Europe’s biggest gaming event usually opens with a big night for fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite series.

Many more tuned in online and thousands attended in person in Germany.

This is a rundown of the memorable moments from the night, including a gaming first. This open world space adventure is just days away from launching.

Developed by Bethesda, the studio behind the post-apocalyptic Fallout series and the fantasy epic Elder Scrolls, the game features a post-apocalyptic setting.

From the game’s executive producer Todd Howard, we learned how the story begins.

He joins a group called The Constellation, which he describes as “NASA meets Indiana Jones”.

Later, a live action trailer teased some of the exploration players can expect, but no gameplay footage was shown.

A treat for Call of Duty fans

Modern Warfare 3 is this year’s Call of Duty (CoD) game; it’s not the biggest surprise these days.

Zombies survival mode, previously only available in Black Ops entries, will make its first appearance in this game, along with a new story mode and multiplayer.

The first level, Operation 627, provides a preview of what’s next for the series’ main characters.

A continuation of the CoD Warzone series is also in the works, with players returning to Verdansk – the setting of the original game. Fans of the survival horror game Alan Wake have waited 13 years for a sequel, but it is now just weeks away.

In a new trailer, a spooky new dream reality is revealed, boosting the hype even more.

The movie will blend live action footage with computer-generated graphics, along with live action footage with actors.

What is the objective? The game should be unsettling and creepy.

In the end, gamers will be able to decide if they’ve succeeded.

A gaming launch first by Assassin’s Creed

Our journeys through history are made even more exciting with Assassin’s Creed.

It’s getting fans talking for a different reason this time.

It was the first time at an international conference that a trailer had a full Arabic voiceover with English subtitles.

The historic cityscape in Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be explored by Basim, the main character previously seen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.