French airport to be renamed after Queen Elizabeth II in tribute
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French officials have announced that an airport will be renamed after Queen Elizabeth II after receiving permission from the King.

The town hall of Le Touquet in northern France received the King’s blessing on Monday.

The Touquet-Paris-Plage airport will be renamed Elizabeth II Le Touquet-Paris-Plage International Airport.

According to the town hall, the “most British of French resorts” would also be recognized during the tribute to the “Great Queen”.

It has not yet been decided when the inauguration will take place.

Six days after the Queen’s death on 8 September last year, the original proposal was made to the British Crown.

According to Le Touquet, it was also a tribute to the late Queen’s uncle, Edward VIII, who visited the resort to enjoy horseback riding and sand yachting with his niece.

According to the town hall of Le Touquet, King Charles III’s acceptance of the mayor’s proposal confirms the town’s strategy of promoting Le Touquet as “the most British of French resorts.”

In the 1930s, the airport was built to welcome Britons to the coastal town about an hour away from Calais. Brigitte Macron, the wife of President Emmanuel Macron, has a holiday home there as well.

In addition to welcoming tourist planes from across the channel, the town hopes the new name of the airport will strengthen its link with the UK.

As part of the Rugby World Cup being held in France next month, Le Touquet will host the England rugby team.

The renaming has been discussed with Buckingham Palace and the Cabinet Office.