Foxconn founder Terry Gou picks Netflix actress
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Tammy Lai, 60, has surprised many with her candidacy despite lacking political experience.

The Foxconn founder is running as an independent.

Taiwan will elect a new president under the shadow of an increasingly assertive China.

Since 1996, the island has been a democracy. Chinese claims over the island are not new, but this election will be the first since Beijing has made it increasingly clear that force will not be ruled out.

Ms Lai was described by Mr Guo as “an outstanding writer and spiritual mentor” on Thursday.

In his words, “We are deeply concerned about the needs of the people, and we don’t have any political baggage.”

After meeting Mr Gou a few times, Ms Lai said she found him to be someone she could cooperate with.

The character Ms Lai played in the Netflix show Wave Makers is thought to have been inspired by President Tsai Ing-wen. A MeToo movement erupted in Taiwan earlier this year, setting off allegations that rocked several industries. Political leaders, activists, celebrities, and others were accused of sexual harassment and assault. Ms Tsai herself apologized and promised reform after public reckonings and apologies followed.

According to Dennis Weng, an associate professor at Sam Houston State University in the US, Mr Gou’s unconventional VP pick might not have an effect on the results of the January election.

Tammy Lai had a great performance in Wave Makers, and most of the audience was young. However, young people do not support Terry Gou.