Four surprises that could upend the 2024 US election
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If you’re not a Republican or Democrat, your chances of becoming president are slim. In the past, third party candidates have upended elections – and they could do it again in 2024. Ross Perot, a wealthy businessman, won 19% of all votes in 1992, costing the Republicans the presidency. Ralph Nader won 97,488 votes in Florida in 2000, helping George W Bush win the swing state. According to some, Hillary Clinton was hurt by Green Party candidate Jill Stein in 2016. It is possible that this election will have a similar upset. The low approval ratings of President Biden and Republican front-runner Donald Trump may open the door to more players, according to a senior American politician I interviewed this week. There are already two independent candidates in the race. A progressive activist, Cornel West, and Robert F Kennedy Jr, who recently left the Democratic Party. It was predicted that he would win the support of about 20% of Democratic voters before he switched. Kennedy, who appeals to conspiracy-minded voters, could also take votes away from Trump now that he has no party affiliation. Several votes to a third-party candidate could make a big difference in this election.