‘Explosive love triangle’: Irina Shayk using Bradley Cooper.
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She is pitting her ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper and current lover Tom Brady against each other in a petty war to win her back.

Despite wanting to settle down, the Russian supermodel has just ended her 13-year marriage to Gisele Bundchen, and marriage is the last thing on her mind.

The insider said the Maestro star isn’t ready to settle down with the model, hinting that his refusal to settle down was the major cause of their split in 2019.

According to the insider, Shayk appears to be making both men jealous because her main goal is to settle down and have another child.

Cooper’s sizzling topless photos made Brady “insecure,” the source said, while her PDA-filled outings made the A Star Is Born actor jealous of her.

The insider told the publication that Bradley, Irina, and Tom are in one of Hollywood’s most explosive love triangles.

Apparently, Irina cares about Tom and they haven’t called off things, but she has also never stopped loving Bradley.

Bradley rarely falls for petty games. According to the insider, Shayk is straightforward and no-nonsense, but he’s also an avid football fan, so if anyone could make him feel envious, “it would be Tom,” a seven-time Super Bowl champion.

It appears to have worked if Irina used Tom to make Bradley jealous, the insider continued.

In addition, the insider suggested that she may have used Cooper to make Brady jealous. In the meantime, her friends warn her that she is playing a “dangerous game.”

According to the insider, Shayk “gets what she wants” most of the time, noting, “She only wants to be with successful and high-profile men.”