Elon Musk expected to attend AI summit in UK
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Elon Musk is expected to attend a global summit on artificial intelligence in the UK this week.

Rishi Sunak, the UK’s Prime Minister, said he would interview the tech billionaire after the event on Thursday.

Taking place at Bletchley Park, the summit hopes to bring together AI experts and global leaders to discuss AI risks.

It is expected to be attended by US Vice-President Kamala Harris and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Other tech leaders will attend the gathering, including Open AI’s Sam Altman and Meta’s Nick Clegg.

Advances in artificial intelligence have been hailed as revolutionary, but they are also dangerous – even a potential threat to humanity. The result could be mass job losses and a surge in disinformation.

An executive order signed by President Joe Biden on Monday requires artificial intelligence (AI) developers to share safety results with the government.

The US and other countries may, however, be urged to go further by Mr Musk.

He signed an open letter in March calling for a halt to “Giant AI Experiments”.

During an interview with Mr Musk, he stated that he had been concerned for over a decade about AI safety.

“A regulatory body should be established to ensure that AI does not pose a danger to the public,” he said.

Also, Mr Musk has attacked AI companies for the data they use to train chatbots – software that learns how humans interact by scraping data from different sources for knowledge and interaction.