Do Americans know true meaning of Independence Day?
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According to the NY Post, two out of three Americans are unaware of the true meaning of Independence Day, according to a OnePoll survey. 

Across the country, July 4 (today) is celebrated as Independence Day, a federal holiday. Concerts, fireworks, and barbecues are among the celebrations. 

One hundred and ninety-nine percent of the US respondents were either naturalised or born citizens.

Only 59% of respondents answered correctly when asked what July 4 commemorates: “The signing of the Declaration of Independence”.

Approximately 41% of respondents did not give the correct answer, but 22% came close by selecting “The establishment of the United States as an independent nation.”.

45% of respondents correctly identified 1777 as the year that the very first organised celebration of independence took place – just a year after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

However, 82% of respondents said that the “Commander in Chief” of the military is the President and that the “Star Spangled Banner” is the national anthem.

65% were unaware that the Supreme Court has nine members, which is currently in session.

In contrast, 40% of Americans believed that the “right to bear arms” was a part of the first amendment rather than the second, while 11% believed “freedom of speech” was not included at all in the first amendment.

61% of people claimed to know something about US history before the poll. 73% of the respondents believed that they had answered almost all of the questions correctly at the end of the test, suggesting greater confidence in their abilities.