Christy Turlington joins Kate Winslet slamming plastic surgery
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Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Christy Turlington all criticize plastic surgery in Hollywood

Christy Turlington joined a growing list of Hollywood women who refuse plastic surgery despite societal pressure to look young.

More A-list stars, including Turlington, 54, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, have spoken out against undergoing surgery to change their appearances.

Dr. Lopa Y. Gupta, one of New York’s premier cosmetic surgeons, told Fox News Digital that when celebrities look like caricatures as a result of bad surgery or injections, they lose their humanism, fans, and future prospects. 

A great surgeon is one who can make you look great for your age without looking like you’ve had any work done.”

The ability to maintain a youthful appearance through plastic surgery may extend a model’s or actress’ career, allowing them to remain relevant in a competitive industry.

There are risks associated with plastic surgery, Rubinstein said. 

It is always possible that an actress or model’s appearance or career could be negatively affected by unfavorable results or complications.

In the end, plastic surgery is a deeply personal decision, and its impact on a career can be greatly influenced by the individual’s goals, the nature of the entertainment industry they’re in, and the preferences of their audience. Before making any decisions, it is important to weigh both the benefits and risks carefully.

Christy Turlington is against plastic surgery.

According to Turlington, women who embrace their natural beauty are admirable. 

Women who haven’t augmented themselves are the women I admire most,” she told Marie Claire.” I love seeing a real face. A face of someone who’s lived.”

In addition, she noted that Jane Birkin is one of her “beauty icons.” 

“They have the kind of faces I like to see, and there aren’t as many of them around anymore,” the model said. “Jane aged in her own way.” She was just as beautiful at the end of her life as she was at the beginning.”

I am one of those faces. I will be one of those faces.”

The “crazy stuff” that exists in the plastic surgery world today wasn’t around when she was younger, she has said before.

For years, collagen, fat cells, and the crazy things people do I couldn’t imagine existed,” Turlington told Town & Country.

In the first place, I do not have time, and in the second place, I do not think it looks good. It might appeal to me differently if I thought it looked good, didn’t hurt, and didn’t send bad messages to young people, but I have never seen someone who I thought, “Oh, that’s a good idea.” “I think it looks freaky.”