Christmas tree prices making this year’s holiday more costly
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Christmas tree prices making this year’s holiday costly. According to the US Christmas Tree Association, Christmas tree prices are up 10%.

Christmas tree prices are on the rise once again, making it a not so Merry Christmas at the check-out line.

The National and American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) report that Christmas tree prices are up 10% from last season, with trees averaging between $80 and $100.

According to the association, artificial Christmas trees are even more expensive than real ones, with price tags ranging from $85 to $1,000.

Jami Warner, executive director of the American Christmas Tree Association, says 52% of artificial Christmas tree owners spent less than $200 on their tree, while 27% spent $200 to $400. “For artificial Christmas trees, prices vary depending on the producer, retailer, size, shape, and features such as pre-lit options.” The price hike follows a recent poll by ACTA which found that despite 78% of consumers expressing concern over inflation, 94% of consumers plan to display at least one Christmas tree in their homes this holiday season, while 77% plan to display an artificial tree.

Consumers are always advised to shop early ahead of the holiday rush and find the style, type, and decor of Christmas tree that is right for them, Warner said. “This year, we’re seeing many consumers – especially those concerned about inflation – purchasing their décor well before the typical shopping seasons of November and December.”