Bradley Cooper ‘terrified’ Tom Brady will take Irina Shayk
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Irina Shayk, who is allegedly dating NFL star Tom Brady, has Bradley Cooper’s reservations about her love life.

“Terrified” of the athlete, the actor from A Star Was Born observed Brady’s sincerity and his ability to be a “devoted wife.”

Therefore, Cooper believes Brady would take Shayk “away from him,” which he doesn’t want since he still has feelings for the Russian model.

Cooper and Shayk, who have a daughter named Lea, parted ways in 2019 after a four-year relationship. On family vacations, they are often seen together with their little girl, and have an amicable relationship.

A Daily Mail insider told the publication that Shayk fears Brady will “take her heart away forever” now that she has moved on from Brady.

“It would be a lie to say he is not bothered by this,” the source said. Irina is so dear to him, and he has been with her on and off for so long.”

“She is the mother of his daughter, and they are his two favorite women in the world. For the first time, he feels that she met someone in Tom who would forever separate her from him.”

Added the insider, the Hollywood hunk is “conflicted” since he has dated other women since they split up.

Brady was previously married to Gisele Bundchen for 13 years and co-parents their two children amicably after divorce, which adds to Cooper’s concerns.

He is very capable of being a devoted husband, father, and husband,” the insider said. Bradley gets it when he hears this.”