Bobbi Althoff: Who is the TikToker that interviewed Drake
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Recent social media posts featuring Bobbi Althoff are likely to have caught your attention.

A 26-year-old US TikToker turned podcaster, she shares pregnancy updates and interviews top rappers.

It has been estimated that her videos have been viewed over 100 million times and liked almost 200 million times.

After interviewing Drake, she went viral, but the video is now gone, causing rumours of a feud between the two.

In July, Bobbi first posted teaser clips of a conversation she had with Drake in bed.

After racking up millions of views on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, the full video suddenly disappeared.

Fans online have called it a publicity stunt, while others say Bobbi is not self-made like she claims.

It’s well known that Bobbi’s interviewing style is awkward and disarming.

It has been compared to Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Chicken Shop Date show, which has softly spoken and deadpan interviewers.

She is also primarily known for interviewing rappers and asking probing questions based on a date premise.

Bobbi described herself more as an entertainer and comedian than a journalist in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

It’s not a real interview. I’m not trying to find out hard facts about you.”

In the US, her podcast series is the second most popular comedy podcast on Spotify, only second to Joe Rogan.

Bobbi’s transition from sharing videos in 2021 to interviewing celebrities might seem quite radical.

As a new mother, she shared updates from her pregnancy and life as a mother on TikTok after watching a video of her dancing with a banana nearly two million times.

Known online as Richard and Concrete, she posted tips and hacks as she juggled raising her two daughters.

Until February of this year, she hadn’t shared that she had filmed a pilot for her podcast.

It’s always been her dream to have her own show, but “everyone I showed it to said it was awful”.

They were wrong, but I proved them wrong.”

With almost 19 million views on her TikTok dance with rapper Armani White since then, her profile has grown.