Asake returns to UK for first gig since Brixton crush
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With a three-minute tribute video, Asake began his first UK show since two people were killed in a crush at one of his concerts.

Last December, Rebecca Ikumelo and Gaby Hutchinson died in a crowd surge outside the O2 Academy Brixton.

On Sunday night, Asake paid tribute to the pair with a performance by a poet.

Anyone with information about the crush was urged to contact police at the end of the video.

A crush at Asake’s first UK gig on 15 December killed Rebecca, 33, and Gaby, 23.

Lambeth Council is currently reviewing the venue’s license as a result of the Met Police investigation.

A 21-year-old woman remains in critical condition in hospital, according to police. At the O2 Arena on Sunday night, Asake arrived an hour and 20 minutes late, keeping fans waiting.

At the 20,000 capacity venue, the show started with a three-minute tribute to Rebecca and Gaby.

As poet Aina More said in the recording, “we can not forget” what happened in Brixton.

“Some came out that night, and haven’t returned,” she said.

Piano music accompanied the poem, which was accompanied by news coverage of the crush.

As Aine said in her poem, “I was up at 2:30 thinking Gaby Hutchinson could be me.”.

Rest in peace, Rebecca, and be free.”

Dancers carrying white flowers appeared on stage during the performance.

As the names of the victims were mentioned and again at the end of the tribute, the crowd cheered.a