Apple pays out over claims it deliberately slowed down iPhones.
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Apple pays out over claims it deliberately slowed down iPhones.

It has been revealed that Apple has begun making payments in a long-running class-action lawsuit filed against it over claims it deliberately slowed down certain iPhones in the US to increase sales.

At the time, Apple stated it denied any wrongdoing, however it was concerned with the expense of bringing the lawsuit to a conclusion, so it agreed to settle the lawsuit in 2020.

As the US case dates back to December 2017, Apple admitted that it had deliberately slowed down some iPhone models as they grew old, confirming a long-held suspicion among phone owners.

There was also a statement that said as batteries aged, their performance decreased, and this “slowdown” lengthened the life of the phones even further.

The company, however, was accused of throttling the performance of certain iPhones without informing its customers, and as a result of the uproar, Apple decided to offer a battery replacement at a cut-price in order to make things right.

As a result, the US took legal action against the country. There were estimates that each person might receive as little as $25 each, but the actual pay-out appears to be almost four times as much as was estimated at the time of the settlement.

Earlier this year, Apple has called the lawsuit “basedless” and has said that “we have never – and never will – do anything to deliberately shorten the life of any Apple product or compromise the user experience in order to drive customer upgrades”.

In his statement, he said Apple is “fighting tooth and nail” against the UK class action, which will be heard by the Court of Appeal on September 24, where it will consider Apple’s request to halt the case.