Apple iPhone ‘end call’ button back to middle in latest beta
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The “end call” button has been moved back to the middle of the screen in Apple’s newest developer version of iOS 17.

The move reverses a change Apple had been considering to move the iPhone’s home button to the lower right corner.

With the newest developer version of iOS 17, released on Tuesday, Apple has moved the “end call” button back to the middle of the screen.

As a result of the move, Apple has reversed a change that it had been considering over the summer

The red “end call” button in iOS 17 beta versions used to be centered in the bottom half of the screen, but now it is located in the lower right corner. In the most recent developer beta, the end call button is centered vertically between three buttons near the bottom.

It is only in Apple’s most recent developer beta that Apple’s possible user interface change can be seen for now. The developer and public beta programs are intended for software makers and early adopters to test out the new iPhone operating system and find bugs before the device is officially released in the fall.

For years, Apple’s end call button has been in roughly the same place. In the latest version, it’s revamping the call ID function, adding a new feature called “contact posters,” which lets users select the photo that appears when they call another iPhone user. During a phone call, the new photos occupy most of the screen, so Apple moved the buttons to the bottom.

It was considered by Apple to move the URL bar to the bottom of Safari in the summer of 2021, which would be more ergonomic for people who use larger screens. However, before the official software was released, Apple rolled back some of its planned changes and let users move the URL bar back to the top of the page. Over the past few years, Apple has also moved the location where push notifications appear on the iPhone’s screen to the bottom.