‘American Pie’ star, ‘Vixen’ rocker, ‘80s TV actor among celebrities working ‘normal’ jobs
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It doesn’t matter whether stars are on or off screen, they have the same dedication and drive.

Celebrities who have discussed working a 9-to-5 outside of entertainment speak out.

“American Pie” star Seann William Scott is best known for his role as Stifler, but success wasn’t instantaneous.

After filming wrapped on the first movie in 1999, Scott got a job selling churros at the zoo.

“I remember after I bought a used Thunderbird for about $5,000 or maybe $6,000, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, baby,'” he recalled on Peacock’s “The Rich Eisen Show.” Since I ended up working at the L.A. Zoo as a churro guy, I don’t know what happened to the other $2,000.”


A joke he told was that he worked at the zoo for two days and sold five churros.

According to Deadline, Scott’s career took off after “American Pie,” which earned $235 million. “American Reunion,” the fourth installment of the movie series, reportedly earned him $5 million.

Vixen’s lead vocalist Janet Gardner toured with Ozzy Osbourne in the 1980s.

A family tradition, Gardner became a dental hygienist in Connecticut after the band’s heyday.

The singer explained to Fox News Digital that his grandfather was a dentist. There were several of my uncles who were dentists. Their children are now dentists, a couple of hygienists – they all had really good lives. They all had the kind of work/life balance they wanted.

Her steady job in dentistry appealed to Gardner, who is still pursuing music when not at work. Their new album, “No Strings,” was released in June.

Then I have four days to do other things, Gardner said. In addition to music, I also dedicate my time to my family. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can. I won’t stop doing it as long as I’m able.”