AI needs ‘human control’ to avoid being weaponized, says Microsoft’s president
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In an exclusive interview with CNBC, Microsoft’s Brad Smith said artificial intelligence could be weaponized.

Smith said every technology can be used as both a tool and a weapon during the interview broadcast on Monday.

AI must be controlled by humans. If the government, military, or any other organization plans to automate critical infrastructure with AI, humans must remain in control.

A new generation of technology leaders have warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence as a result of ChatGPT’s popularity for its ability to produce humanlike responses. Using generative AI, content can be generated such as text, images, and codes.

When people use it, they are able to think more quickly and more intelligently. Those who believe that this tool will enable them to stop thinking could make the biggest mistake. Sam Altman, the CEO of ChatGPT owner OpenAI, along with executives from Google’s artificial intelligence arm DeepMind and Microsoft, warned in May that artificial intelligence poses a greater threat to humanity than nuclear war.

AI labs have also been urged not to train systems beyond GPT-4, OpenAI’s latest large language model. In addition, they have called for a six-month halt to such advanced development. In addition to companies acting responsibly, we are advocating for new laws and regulations to ensure safety breaks,” Smith told CNBC’s Martin Soong.

‘This is something we’ve seen before. Think about how electricity relies on circuit breakers. If you put your children on a school bus, you know there’s an emergency brake. This has happened before with other technologies.” Smith said, “Now we have to do the same with AI.”.

AI impact on jobs

AI’s explosive growth has workers concerned that their jobs may be replaced by it.

According to Goldman Sachs in March, generative AI could threaten 300 million jobs. Approximately 25% to 50% of the workload in affected occupations will be replaced, but physical labor jobs are unlikely to be significantly affected. It supplements human work, not replaces it, according to a Microsoft executive.

People can think faster and smarter with tools like this. According to Smith, people could make the biggest mistake by thinking this is a way to stop thinking.

“That’s why we call our service team copilots at Microsoft,” Smith said.

PowerPoint slides can be converted from Word documents, but you should still read them before presenting them. Make sure they are perfect by editing them.”