Actors in video games like Phantom Liberty
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A new spy-thriller adventure expansion for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty stars Idris Elba as Solomon Reed.

In response to a question about video games becoming a more popular medium for actors, Elba says it’s a sign of the times.

“Games and actors have always worked together, but we are seeing more notable film actors move into the gaming industry.”

Several A-list actors and celebrities have taken on character roles in the games industry in recent years, including Kit Harington, Rami Malek, and even comedian Conan O’Brien.

The actor says: “As soon as a game has a big engine, it also has these big movie-like cut scenes that are just as enjoyable.” You can skip them, but most of the time you sit and watch, because your fingers hurt from the last round.” In his opinion, appearing in a video game is similar to traditional acting: “Character work is character work, performance is performance.” No matter what you are doing, whether it’s games, commercials, or whatever else, you’re using the same muscles.

With games, you definitely need to collaborate deeper, since you’re relying on an animator and a larger team.”

Eventually, Elba envisions a hybrid medium combining film and video games: “There’s definitely a world where the two collide.”.

With virtual reality, we’re almost there. You can explore a virtual world within a movie or game.”