Zelensky is grappling with Western war fatigue
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President Volodymyr Zelensky had to roll his sleeves up during his trip to the US and Canada.

It was easier to deal with the latter end. As part of his pledge to support Ukraine against Russia’s invasion, Justin Trudeau has cross-party support.

Although America’s pockets are deeper, its politics are far more complicated.

The White House gave Zelensky another $325m (£265m) military package, but it wasn’t the $24 billion he had hoped for.

The proposal has been stalled in Congress because of budget disagreements.

However, the difficulties do not end there.

As well as his counterpart Joe Biden, Ukraine’s leader held meetings with Republican politicians who are grappling with growing skepticism.

Having protected the liberal world, this should resonate with Republicans, a government adviser in Kiev told me.

“The war made things more difficult because there was chaos,” he says.

Now we know what our allies have and where they store it, so we can be more specific with our requests. Our president could serve as defence minister in a number of countries!”

As it stands, he isn’t, and the political challenges are mounting for Kyiv.

How does a victory look in Ukraine? Why should Ukraine keep getting blank checks?”

On the world stage, the Ukrainian leader has been trying to answer both of these questions.

It is for this reason that he seems to be doing more negotiating than campaigning – just to keep Western aid coming in.