XL bully ban could lead to more attacks at home.
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The ban on XL bullies could lead to more dog attacks.

According to Dave Martin, a welfare adviser to 900 UK practices, attacks in the home could increase if XLs remain indoors without stimulation and exercise.

According to two dog charities, irresponsible breeders may move on to other large dogs to circumvent the ban.

In England and Wales, the ban on dogs will take effect on 31 December.

Dog owners who wish to keep their dogs must apply to the exemption scheme or choose to euthanize their dogs and seek compensation.

Shirley Patrick, 83, died 17 days after being mauled by an XL bully cross, and her daughter said the ban should apply to other breeds as well.

Despite understanding why the UK government has taken action, Mr Martin is concerned about unintended consequences of the ban, which requires XLs to be muzzled and kept on a lead.

I am concerned that the American bully XL population is quite young… so we will have young, fit, athletic dogs with a high need for exercise and stimulation.

Several of the fatal attacks have occurred in the house or when dogs have escaped… If we end up frustrating these dogs, they’re not getting the exercise they need, will that increase the risk of more attacks in the house?”

“We don’t know, but there is a concern…some dogs may be more likely to attack than before.”

The worry is that people… who want an aggressive dog for whatever reason, will say, ‘well, I’m not going to have a bully XL anymore, I’m going to have something else’.”