Voters go to the polls in three by-elections in England
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New MPs will be elected in three constituencies in England: London, North Yorkshire, and Somerset.

At the last general election in 2019, the Conservatives won Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Selby and Ainsty, and Somerton and Frome.

Results are expected as early as Friday morning, with polls opening at 7:00 BST and closing at 22:00.

Voting will require photo ID from the constituent.

South Ruislip and Uxbridge have 17 candidates:

  • Baquiche, Blaise, Liberal Democrat

  • Labour’s Danny Beales

  • Independent candidate Cameron Bell

  • The Count Binface Party, the Count Binface party

  • I support Piers Corbyn’s proposal to let London live

  • The Reclaim Party of Laurence Fox

  • Gardner, Steve, Social Democratic Party

  • A climate party leader, Ed Gemmell

  • The Green Party’s Sarah Green

  • Independent, Kingsley Hamilton

  • Rejoin the EU, Richard Hewison

  • Party with monsters and loonies at Howling Hope

  • Joseph, 77, independent

  • UKIP member Rebecca Jane

  • Alliance of Christian Peoples, Enomfon Ntefon

  • Phaure, Leo

  • Tuckwell, Conservative

The following 13 candidates are running in Selby and Ainsty:

  • The Independent’s Andrew Gray

  • Conservative Party member Claire Holmes

  • Michael Jordan, Yorkshire Party

  • Kent, Dave, Reform UK

  • Mather, Keir, Labour Party

  • The Independent’s Nick Palmer

  • The Heritage Party’s Guy Phoenix

  • The Official Monster Raving Loony Party of Sir Archibald Stanton

  • Walker, Matt, Liberal Democrat

  • The Green Party’s Arnold Warneken

  • The Social Democratic Party’s John Waterston

  • Climate Party member Luke Wellock

  • Independent candidate Tyler Wilson-Kerr

A total of eight candidates are running in Somerton and Frome:

  • CPA’s Lorna Corke

  • Green Party’s Martin Dimery

  • The Liberal Democrat Party’s Sarah Dyke

  • Evans, Bruce, Reform UK

  • Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Neil Guild

  • The Independent’s Rosie Mitchell

  • The Conservative Party’s Faye Purbrick

  • Richardson, Peter