Victoria Beckham had super awkward tantrum at ‘Top Of The Pops’.
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On Top Of The Pops, Victoria Beckham warned everyone not to make eye contact with her before her performance.

Former show host Gail Porter revealed that the designer “banned” crew members from looking at her in the studio.

Porter said Beckham did not interact with anyone backstage before her live performance with Dane Bowers, and that her team told them not to stare.

According to The Sun, Victoria and Dane’s people banned anyone from making eye contact with them.

Porter said she ran to the make-up room while Beckham and Bowers were performing and saw Travis making rude gestures to Fran Healy.

I was watching Travis [the band] and they were making witcher signals [rude gestures],” Porter said.

Recalling the incident, she continued, “So anyway, I am standing going, ‘It’s Gail Porter, it’s still No1, it’s still Top Of The Pops’, and because the cameras can’t see them, please welcome to the stage Victoria Beckham and Dane Bowers, Out Of Your Mind.”

Adding insult to injury, Beckham and Bowers froze on stage since they weren’t sure if the cameras were filming them.

“I had to walk behind them to get off and I said to the director, ‘What do I do?’” Porter said. “There was a camera there and they weren’t sure if the camera was still on, so they didn’t want to move until it left.”

“We were all sitting in the make-up room, watching on the monitor, going, ‘They’re still there,’” she said, sharing that the cameraman was having fun with the incident.

The cameraman was like, ‘I’m not moving, this is too funny’. I said, ‘That’s mean’. He said: ‘It’s hilarious,'” Porter said.