Ukraine aid from US in doubt after failed Senate vote.
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Ukraine aid from US in doubt after failed Senate vote.

As a result, Senate Republicans failed to secure the border compromises they sought in exchange for passing an aid bill for Ukraine.

There were also funds for Israel and aid for Gaza included in the $110bn (£87.3bn) package.

US funds for Ukraine are expected to run out soon, according to the White House.

Ukraine’s official said that a failure to secure more US aid would increase the likelihood of Russian victory.

In general, Republican members support aid to Ukraine, but some have used it to address mounting domestic concerns about the US southern border.

With 60 votes needed to advance the bill, senators – including every Republican – voted 51 to 49 against it. Just days before Congress is scheduled to go on winter break, the vote casts uncertainty over the future of Ukraine’s aid.

Aid to Ukraine should be tied to sweeping immigration and asylum reforms in the United States, according to Republicans.

Earlier on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden said he was “willing to make significant compromises on the border” in order to pass the aid bill.

“We can’t wait,” he said, adding that “Republicans in Congress are willing to give Putin the greatest gift he could wish for”.

A $175 million security package was also announced on Wednesday by the Biden administration using funding that has already been approved. US Department of Defense said in a news release that the package includes ammunition, including missiles and artillery shells, as well as “equipment to protect critical national infrastructure”.

A classified briefing for lawmakers intended to bolster support for new funds broke down spectacularly on Tuesday, raising concerns about the $110 billion package.