Tim McGraw says making love to this song led to 27-year marriage
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A confession needs to be made by Tim McGraw.

He revealed what song makes him think of Faith Hill, the woman he has been married to for 27 years, at an event in advance of his upcoming Standing Room Only tour. 

I’m probably going to get in trouble for saying this. God, please forgive me, baby,” McGraw told Yahoo Entertainment.

This song is called ‘Samba Pa Ti’ by Santana. It’s kind of ours.”

McGraw, 56, said his uncle introduced him to the song by the Latin rock band and suggested he save it for a special occasion.

One time years ago, my uncle Hank, an old hippie living in the Napa Valley, told me he played that song for me on the road. I didn’t make love to a woman until I did. He told me to never make love with a woman with this song on unless you intend to marry her. Eventually, I did,” McGraw said.

Their three daughters are Gracie, 26, Maggie, 24, and Audrey, 21. McGraw and Hill have been married for more than two decades.

As he continued to talk about his long-lasting marriage and wife, the “I Like It, I Love It” crooner gushed about her. McGraw said the couple is in the midst of their “second honeymoon.”

In showbiz language, we always say we’ve been married 92 years, or dog years.

The toughest part of being a father of three, McGraw acknowledged, is living at home without his children.

The first six months were tough for McGraw. She said, “I think it’s always harder on mom when the girls go away.” 

… It was tough because the house was empty and the energy was kind of gone. … When we got married, we thought we’d have a child right away, so we had Gracie right away. Now that we have our time to ourselves, and it’s a little like a honeymoon. So far, we’ve really enjoyed it.”