Taylor Swift fan breathed her last while attending her Brazil concert
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Taylor Swift finds solace in Travis Kelce romance after fan’s ‘devastating’ death.

As Taylor Swift struggles to cope following the death of her 23-year-old fan during a Brazil concert during her Eras tour, she is looking to Travis Kelce for comfort.

As the hitmaker goes through a difficult time following her tragic accident, the NFL star has been a “huge support.”

An anonymous tipter told the publication that she was grateful for Travis. His support has been invaluable to her right now. Although her family has been there for her, it’s different to have a boyfriend to lean on.”

According to multiple media outlets, Ana Clara Benevides tragically died due to the intense heat during Swift’s Brazil concert.

Sadly, she did not make it long after arriving at the hospital after collapsing in the front row, having been revived for about 40 minutes.

In talking about Swift’s reaction to the tragedy, an insider said, “She was beside herself and has had a hard time talking about it.”

In an insider report, the popstar paid an emotional tribute to Benevides’ family after returning to the stage and dedicating the song, Bigger Than the Whole Sky, to her.

Earlier tonight, Swift wrote in a heartbreaking Instagram post, “We lost a fan earlier tonight before my show, and I cannot believe I’m writing these words.”

“I can’t even describe how devastated I am by this. “I don’t know much about her except that she was brilliantly beautiful and very young,” she said.