Sofia Vergara hit with shocking lawsuit by house contractors.
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Sofia Vergara hit with shocking lawsuit by house contractors.

Sofa Vergara’s Los Angeles mansion is being sued by contractors who renovated it for alleged unpaid work and mistreatment on the part of her.

The company named Reside Custom Homes (RCH) filed a complaint against the Modern Family alum on November 27, according to a report in People magazine.

Sofia has been accused of not paying them around $1.7 million in two invoices, dating back to March and July 2023. She is also alleged to have broken the contract, committed fraud, and meddled with contractual relationships.

In addition to this, RCH also alleged that their employees and subcontractors were mistreated on the job site as well.

There was a pattern of aggressive outbursts from Vergara during RCH’s work on the Property. He humiliated, ridiculed, harassed, and tried to intimidate RCH’s employees, representatives, and subcontractors, among others, frequently throughout the duration of RCH’s work on the Property.

Sofia Manganiello bought that house for $26 million, according to records quoted by the publication, while she was still married to Joe Manganiello, who was her ex-husband at the time.

It has been reported that the estranged couple had previously re-listed another home in the area for sale for $18 million in June, prior to the announcement of their split after 7 years of marriage.

“My client made claims against the contractor, Reside, several months before this specious lawsuit was filed against her,” Martin Singer, the 51-year-old actress’ attorney, told the outlet.

In a statement, he stated that Sofia’s claims for overcharging by Reside, substandard and negligent work, as well as long delays, seek damages in excess of $5 million.

Sofia Vergara was accused by the company Reside Custom Homes of failure to pay her wages and labor mistreatment.