Security scare as a man with no passport or ticket ends up in US
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Security scare as a man with no passport or ticket ends up in US.

U.S. authorities discovered that a Russian man traveled from Denmark to Los Angeles without a passport or ticket.

The FBI filed a complaint against Sergey Vladimirovich Ochigava, accusing him of being a stowaway. At his arraignment, the defendant pleaded not guilty.

According to the complaint filed in Los Angeles federal court, Ochigava boarded a Scandinavian Airlines flight from Copenhagen and arrived in California before a customs officer realized he was not listed on the flight manifest.

Despite acknowledging that staff aboard the flight had “a situation regarding a passenger,” the airline insisted that the matter was being handled by relevant authorities in both the U.S. and Denmark.

Ochigava was given a seat that was supposed to be unoccupied, the crew revealed to investigators. He kept wandering around the plane after takeoff, switching seats and chatting with other passengers.

Also, he consumed two meals during every meal service on the nearly 12-hour flight, as well as “eating the chocolate that belonged to the cabin crew.”

In the complaint, Ochigava was accused of giving false and misleading information about his travel to the United States, including initially telling U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers that he had left his passport on the plane.

The authorities were informed by Ochigava that he had a doctorate in economics and marketing and had previously worked as an economist in Russia.

Additionally, he said he had not slept for three days and did not understand what was happening. In his possession, Ochigava only had Russian identification cards and an Israeli identification card.

Ochigava was reportedly asked by the authorities about the ticket for his flight, but he was not able to produce it.