Reddit to begin paying people for popular posts
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People who receive “gold” from other users, who pay a fee, will split revenue with the social media site.

The price of gold awards will range from $1.99 (£1.63) to $49 (£40), with users receiving as much as half.

It marks a turnaround for the company after a backlash in June, when much of Reddit became inaccessible in protest.

In the end, most groups returned to Reddit – though some notable absences remain, such as the termination of a subreddit dedicated to transcribing images for visually impaired people.

Within the Reddit platform, a subreddit is a forum where people gather to discuss particular topics.

Users on Reddit usually follow a variety of subreddits, rather than following individual users on other platforms, and see posts from these communities.

The gold currency has been a part of Reddit for a long time, and was originally intended as a kind of virtual reward.

It is possible to give gold to another Redditor for a nominal fee, but this would have no real-world value, and the fee would be used to maintain the site.

However, it did affect how the site was used.

When a user was awarded gold, they could browse Reddit for a week without seeing any adverts. A more expensive platinum award gave Redditors a full month without ads.