Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan to kick off another chapter
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Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan to kick off another chapter of ‘The Karate Kid’ franchise

In an announcement made on Tuesday, Sony Pictures announced that a new movie in the perennial favorite film franchise “The Karate Kid” is scheduled to go into production soon, with its release set for next year.

There is going to be a film featuring Ralph Macchio – who was the titular “Kid” in the first three movies in the series – and Jackie Chan, who replaced Oscar nominee Pat Morita in the role of the older martial arts master who acts as mentor in the 2010 remake.

Macchio and Chan were featured in a YouTube video on Tuesday morning as part of a campaign to promote the new film that was announced as well as to find the next young star of the franchise in a casting search.

I am excited to announce that this June will mark the 40th anniversary of the first “Karate Kid” film, which starred Ralph Macchio as a California high school student who learns to fight – as well as act with honor and restraint – from his neighbor after he is bullied by a group of kids.

Macchio appeared in “Karate Kid Part II” in 1986 and “Karate Kid Part III” in 1989. Hilary Swank starred in the fourth installment.

“The Karate Kid” reboot premiered in 2010 with Chan starring opposite Jaden Smith, but “Cobra Kai” gained traction years later.

There is soon going to be a final season of this Emmy award-winning series, in which Macchio’s Danny and the character of Johnny – the bully played by William Zabka in the first two movies – are all grown up. With a fifth season wrapping up last year, “Cobra Kai” has become one of the most popular Netflix shows to date.