Polish women protest outside police stations
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Polish women protest outside police stations after controversial treatment of woman seeking abortion
Polish police were present during woman’s transportation by medics, throughout hospital visit.

Police treated a woman who had taken an abortion pill with alleged ruthlessness Tuesday in Poland, according to hundreds of women protesting outside police stations.

Krakow, Warsaw, and other cities held protests to show solidarity with the woman and denounce police misconduct.

Polish media outlets report that police surrounded and searched the woman, known only as Joanna, as she prepared to have an obstetrician examine her.

In response to the stressed-out patient’s call to report feeling unwell at home after taking the pill to end her pregnancy, the woman’s doctor had notified the ambulance service and police.

When the medics transported the woman and when she visited the hospital, officers were present.

A woman says she felt humiliated, which contributed to her stress and poor health.

Despite police officials’ insistence that the officers were required and non-oppressive, Poland’s political opposition is calling for his resignation. An investigation has been ordered by the justice minister, who is also the chief prosecutor.

In Poland, abortions are only allowed for pregnancies caused by crimes like rape or incest. A woman who terminates her own pregnancy does not breach the law, but it is otherwise illegal to perform or aid in an abortion.