Paris: Smartly dressed gang stage €10m jewellery raid
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Reports state that two men in suits and a woman in a dress robbed a prestigious jeweller’s in Paris, making off with millions of euros’ worth of goods.

In the second district of the city, the trio targeted a Piaget store in the Rue de la Paix at lunchtime, with a handgun equipped with a silencer.

A police source told Le Parisien that staff were forced to the ground.

A foot chase ensued between the robbers and the police.

As the trio plundered the shop displays, prosecutors believe they took luxury jewels worth €10m-€15m (£8.5m-£13m). The incident did not result in any injuries.

The investigation into organised gangs and hostage-taking in Paris has been taken over by France’s special BRB police unit targeting armed robberies and burglaries.

Only three months ago, another jewellery store with a smart frontage was targeted 100m (330ft) down the street. On a Saturday afternoon, three armed robbers on two motorbikes attacked Bulgari on Place Vendôme in broad daylight, again in broad daylight.

Luxury jewelers’ shops can be found on both Rue de la Paix and Place Vendôme. The robbers of the Piaget store, however, were smartly dressed unlike the Bulgari gang.

Two men in grey suits and a woman in a green dress and black trousers are described in French reports.

In her interview with French TV, Sandrine Marcot said the number of raids was alarming: “Even though the level has drastically declined over the years, robberies and burglaries have been on the rise since Covid ended in the last couple of years.”

Gianluigi Donnarumma and his partner were tied up in their Paris flat less than two weeks ago as their attackers stole jewellery, watches and other luxury items.