Pakistan is charging $830 fee to undocumented refugees
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Pakistan is charging $830 fee to undocumented refugees who want to leave the country exit fee applies to people who arrived without a visa.

On October 1, Pakistan announced that 1.7 million undocumented foreigners would be deported from the country if they did not leave by 1 November.

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans fled Afghanistan after the Taliban retook power in 2021, including most of the refugees.

Overstayers with expired visas will be charged according to the length of their stay.

Afghanistan exit fees do not apply to anyone returning to the country.

When the fee is being applied to people who are being relocated on humanitarian grounds, a senior Pakistani diplomat expressed concern.

According to them, overstaying your visa can cost you your visa or cause you to be expelled from many countries.

The problem is charging those on humanitarian visas. Not necessarily people who work for us, but people UNHCR views as having humanitarian needs.

Some early indications indicated that the government might be revising the policy, which was encouraging, according to the diplomat.

Asylum and protection for Afghan refugees have been provided by Pakistan’s government and people for decades.