Nick and Kevin Jonas forced Joe Jonas to end marriage
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Apparently, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas “pushed” their brother Joe Jonas to end his marriage to Sophie Turner.

After the birth of their second child in 2022, Joe and the Game of Thrones star were suffering in their marriage, according to In Touch Weekly.

According to the insider, Turner wanted some time since she asked Joe for a “second chance” before The Jonas Brothers began their tour.

The Go It Alone singer, however, did not wait for her and announced their separation on the advice of his brothers, Nick and Kevin.

They’ve struggled with the demands of parenthood and their careers as well as balancing all of that with their personal goals since welcoming their second child [in 2022].

In an insider’s words, “Joe and Sophie hoped they could find their footing and resolve the issues, but it became too much.” “They have been living separate lives for months now.”

According to the source, Joe decided to “rip off the Band-Aid” instead after being persuaded by Nick and Kevin.

The insider explained that everyone saw how unhappy and distracted Joe was. During a mid-tour intervention, Joe’s brothers sat him down to discuss it.”