Microsoft projects two new areas of growth for gaming
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According to documents published inadvertently on a court website, Microsoft executives predicted gaming growth would stem from advertising and mobile purchases.

During Microsoft’s battle with the Federal Trade Commission regarding the pending Activision Blizzard acquisition, the company disclosed the information in a presentation dated May 2022. In earlier documents, Microsoft set a revenue target of $500 billion by 2030 and analyzed its corporate clients’ use of competitors’ products.

Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley of the United States Court of Appeals for the Northern District of California ruled in favor of Microsoft and Activision. The two companies and others involved in the case have requested and received court approval for redactions to documents since then.

In response to an earlier court order, Microsoft sent a link to documents containing the May 2022 presentation on Sept. 14, according to a Tuesday court order. Documents were uploaded to the court’s website, but the parties told the court that they contained nonpublic information, and Corley removed them from public view.

A new Xbox console is planned for release in 2028, according to the presentation. The Xbox Series S would follow the Xbox Series X, which became available in 2020. These consoles are the successors to the Xbox One, which was released in 2013. Detailed specifications for the updated Series X and Series, as well as an updated controller, are listed in a separate file.