Justin Bieber ditched Scooter Braun after he stopped ‘prioritizing’
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After Scooter Braun stopped prioritizing Justin Bieber and became dissociated from him, Justin Bieber cut ties with him.

According to an insider, however, there is no “bad blood” between Peaches and her controversial manager.

The person that Justin is was created by Scooter. An insider revealed Bieber and Braun’s current relationship is simply a matter of time and place.

In the aftermath of Bieber and Braun’s split, it was revealed that many of the music executive’s high profile clients dropped him, including Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Carly Rae Jepsen, J Balvin, and Idina Menzel.

During the interview, the insider outlined the reasons behind the exodus, stating, “Scooter used to be hands-on. While he was doing everything behind the scenes for all his clients, he seemed to have stopped prioritizing the artists. According to the insider, it was noticeable.

As a 12-year-old, Braun discovered Bieber on YouTube and became his manager, turning him into one of the biggest musicians of all time.

It lasted for almost 16 years during which Bieber stood by Braun through thick and thin, including the controversial purchase of Taylor Swift’s master’s collection by Braun.

As Braun stopped making efforts with the artists he managed, Hailey Bieber played a significant role in convincing her husband that he needed to find a new manager.

During the last three months, Hailey has been secretly seeking out new managers, according to the insider, who said Hailey “was a key force in encouraging him (to leave).”

According to the source, Hailey plays a major role in it. ‘She’s rational,’ she says. In contrast to his usual attendance at rehearsals and concerts, Scooter was no longer showing up. Since he was pretty drained, she encouraged Justin to pursue other opportunities.”