Israeli president calls for ‘forceful’ pressure against Iran
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Announcing his support for Israel’s judiciary independence on Wednesday, Israeli President Isaac Herzog called on the U.S. to act “forcefully” against Iran’s nuclear efforts.

During his speech to Congress on Wednesday, Herzog praised the long friendship between the U.S. and Israel before diving into policy points. After raucous applause welcomed him into the chamber, the Israeli leader urged action on Iran, but acknowledged widespread protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reforms.

Iran should not be allowed to become a nuclear threshold state by omission or diplomatic commission. It is unacceptable for the world to remain indifferent to Iran’s call to eradicate Israel. “Tolerating this call and Iran’s actions to achieve it is an inexcusable moral collapse,” Herzog asserted.

It is imperative that Israel and the United States act forcefully together to prevent Iran from posing a fundamental threat to international security. “I am here to reiterate what every Israeli leader has stated for decades: the State of Israel is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities,” he continued.

Herzog reiterated his support for Israeli democracy. Widespread and disruptive protests have resulted from Netanyahu’s efforts to reform the country’s judiciary system. Prime Minister Netanyahu and his allies want to strip Israeli courts of certain powers, including the ability to overturn “unreasonable” government decisions.

I will tell you, our friends, in English what I have told my people, my brothers and sisters, in Hebrew: as a nation, we must find a way to communicate with one another, regardless of how long it takes. In my role as head of state, Herzog said, “I will continue to work toward a broad public consensus, as well as preserving, protecting and defending Israel’s democracy.”

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According to Herzog, the U.S. continues to facilitate peace between Israel and other Middle Eastern nations. According to him, Israel remains open to peace with any nation, pointing specifically to the Abraham Accords that were negotiated under former president Donald Trump.

A more nuanced discussion of the conflict between his country and the Palestinians was provided by the leader. His remarks condemned terrorist organizations in Gaza and the West Bank, highlighting the rewards Palestinian terrorists receive for attacking Israeli civilians.

Israelis are targeted while waiting for buses, while strolling along the promenade, while spending time with their families by Palestinian terror. It undermines any possibility of a peaceful future between our peoples. Herzog said that successful terror attacks are celebrated, terrorists glorified, and their families are financially rewarded for every Israeli they kill.

Israelis and Palestinians in their younger generations deserve better. They deserve hope and peace, a future of peace and prosperity, a future of hope for all. ‘I am wholeheartedly committed to this vision, a vision of peace and hope, true peace, free of terror,’ he concluded.