Google will face off in court Tuesday against government officials
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Tuesday, Google will face off in court against antitrust officials that accuse it of committing antitrust violations in its search business, kicking off a long-anticipated legal battle that could reshape one of the internet’s most dominant platforms.

There have been two ongoing lawsuits against Google that started during the Trump administration, which will be heard this week in Washington before a federal judge. Experts describe these actions as the biggest monopolization case in the country since Microsoft was sued by the US government in the 1990s.

In separate complaints, the Justice Department and dozens of states accused Google of abusing its dominance in online search by allegedly harming competition through deals with wireless carriers and smartphone makers that made Google Search the default or exclusive option on products used by millions of consumers in 2020. There was eventually a consolidated case involving all the complaints.

Rather than illegally restricting competition, Google has maintained that it competes on merits and that consumers prefer its tools because they are the best. In 2022, Alphabet’s parent company, Google, earned $283 billion in revenue and $76 billion in net income from its search business. As a result of its growth in search, Google now has a market capitalization of more than $1.7 trillion.