Ex-diplomat jailed for 2012 murder of Venezuelan ambassador
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Former diplomat jailed for killing Venezuelan ambassador in Kenya in 2012

As a result of the crime, Dwight Sagaray was stripped of his diplomatic immunity and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The Kenyan court sentenced a former Venezuelan diplomat to 20 years in prison over the 2012 murder of the Latin American nation’s acting ambassador.

In January, Dwight Sagaray, the first secretary at the embassy, and three Kenyan nationals were convicted of the murder of ambassador Olga Fonseca.

All four men were sentenced to 20 years in prison by Judge Roselyn Korir. January marks the beginning of the term.

In January, the court ruled that Sagaray could be tried for the murder because he lost his diplomatic immunity after the crime.

After the previous ambassador abruptly resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment by his domestic staff, Fonseca was found strangled in her bedroom less than two weeks after arriving in Nairobi.

In January, the court found that Sagaray, who was heading the mission before Fonseca arrived, was angered by her presence.

Kipng’eno Kirui Chelogoi, a fifth defendant, was acquitted for lack of sufficient evidence linking him to other suspects or the crime scene.

There was still one more suspect on the loose. His arrest warrant should remain in effect, according to the court.