DIY version of Tesla’s Cybertruck made out of wood.
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DIY version of Tesla’s Cybertruck made out of wood.

At the end of November, Tesla is expected to launch its Cybertruck, a futuristic electric truck that has captured the imagination of millions of fans around the globe.

The release date has been pushed back several times due to production issues.

One man in Vietnam, however, was not willing to wait any longer. In order to create his own version of the Cybertruck, he used the skills and materials he had acquired as a woodworker.

It is Truong Van Dao, a woodworker and content creator who runs the YouTube channel ND-Woodworking Art, who is responsible for this amazing project. At the time of publishing, he shared a video of his 100-day journey of creating a wooden replica of the Cybertruck, which at the time of posting had gone viral with more than 10 million views as of the time of publication.

In the video, Truong shows how he started with a metal chassis, frame, and wheels, and then added wooden panels, seats, and wheel trims after taking the metal chassis, frame, and wheels apart.

According to Truong, he was inspired to build this car by his passion for wooden vehicles as well as his admiration for Elon Musk and Tesla. It was his intention to show his support for the Cybertruck as well as Tesla’s vision of sustainable transportation, which he described in detail.

“I am a passionate content creator with a deep love for wooden vehicles and an admiration for both you and Tesla. Despite the fact that Tesla has faced many challenges in bringing the Cybertruck to life, I remain unwaveringly committed to your vision and Tesla’s capabilities. I hope to be able to present you and Tesla with this wooden Cybertruck.”