Customers furious after HSBC down for more than 24 hours
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Customers furious after HSBC down for more than 24 hours.

Thousands of UK customers reported being unable to access mobile and online banking for more than 24 hours after HSBC apologized.

Users complained on social media that they couldn’t pay their bills or buy discounted Black Friday items online since Friday morning.

As a result of the outage, one customer was unable to make rent payments.

The bank apologized for “the inconvenience”.

First Direct or M&S Bank customers will not be affected, it said, referring to other divisions of HSBC UK.

The problems started shortly after 08:00 GMT on Friday, with the bank saying it was investigating the matter urgently.

The glitch was resolved at 09:00 GMT on Saturday and HSBC’s online and mobile banking services were working again. However, some services may be slower as customers log in.

A number of problems occurred when Marius Acsinte, 34, informed his bank that his account with HSBC was unavailable.

I’m unable to pay my rent today on the app.” he said.

I was expecting the bank to send me a message or an email explaining why, but it didn’t.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Black Friday tonight or not, I can’t use my money and nobody has informed me why.”

76-year-old Judi Sutherland lives in a rural area, which makes the problem particularly challenging for her.

In the Highlands of Scotland, branches have been closed systematically and carelessly throughout the region, she said.

The loss of service would force some people to travel to Aberdeen to access their accounts, an approximately 450-mile round trip.

It is certain that the online service provided by HSBC has been excellent in the past, but this outage does highlight the vulnerability and dependence of rural communities on these types of services,” she explained.