Clorox says last month’s cyberattack is still disrupting production
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Keeping production disruptions caused by last month’s cyberattack in mind, Clorox issued a financial warning on Monday.

Moreover, the company, which produces bleach products and Pine-Sol, among other household goods, does not know when it will be able to resume full operations.

Because of product outages and delays caused by the cybersecurity breach, Clorox’s fiscal first quarter results will be impacted.

In spite of this, the company said it believes the threat has been contained. Systems will be brought up to speed next week, and production will ramp up gradually.

The attack was disclosed by Clorox on Aug. 14, saying its systems had been hacked. Upon learning of the attacks, the company took its systems offline and notified law enforcement.

A month later, the attack is still causing “widescale disruption” to the company’s operations, according to Clorox securities filings. Many of the company’s procedures have been forced to be manual while its systems are being repaired. Thus, the company has scaled back its order processing, resulting in fewer products being available in stores.

Las Vegas casinos MGM and Caesars have also been hit with cyberattacks in the wake of Clorox’s breach. There was also a warning that MGM’s finances could be adversely affected.

Shares of Clorox traded roughly 1% lower Monday.