CEO of UK bank resigns after leaking financial details
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One of the biggest banks in the UK has resigned after admitting it leaked details of Brexit campaigner and political commentator Nigel Farage’s finances.

NatWest boss Alison Rose said late Tuesday: “I made a serious error of judgment in discussing Mr Farage’s relationship with the bank.”

GB News host Nigel Farage, known for his Brexit campaigning and friendship with Donald Trump, revealed last month that he has been dropped as a customer by a major UK bank. In UK media, Coutts, a bank for the rich owned by NatWest, was revealed as the lender. Farage said his political views had contributed to the decision to close his Coutts account.

In its report, the paper reported that Farage’s accounts had been closed for commercial reasons by a senior source at the bank. His political views appear to have played a role in the decision, as he obtained a copy of the bank’s report into why his accounts were closed.

Alison Rose confirmed that she was the source for the report and apologized on Tuesday night. According to her, I was wrong to respond to any questions raised by this case. My sincere apologies go out to Mr Farage for the personal harm this has caused him, and I have written him today.”

As the bank searches for a permanent replacement, Alison Rose will be replaced by Paul Thwaite, the current CEO of NatWest’s commercial and institutional business. Around 39% of NatWest’s shares are owned by the UK government.