British lawyers could be based in Rwandan courts as part of asylum
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British lawyers could be based in Rwandan courts as part of asylum.

As part of a treaty allowing the UK government to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, British lawyers could be stationed at Rwandan courts.

According to the Supreme Court, last month’s Rwanda plan was unconstitutional.

James Cleverly, the Home Secretary, is expected to sign the agreement in Rwanda on Tuesday.

In order to prevent the scheme from being blocked again in the courts, a new law would be passed.

After figures showed net migration hit a record high in 2022, the government is expected to announce plans to reduce legal migration later this year.

Rwanda’s policy, announced in April 2022, would send some asylum seekers there to claim asylum.

As a result of last month’s Supreme Court ruling, ministers are racing to revive the policy before spring, when the first flights are scheduled to take off.

Rwandans denied refugee status could apply to settle there on another basis or seek asylum in another “safe third country”.

According to the UK’s Supreme Court, the policy was rejected since it could not be guaranteed Rwandan courts would adhere to international law’s non-refoulment principle.

When returning asylum seekers to their country of origin would put them at risk of harm, the principle prohibits the return.

In response to this decision, the government said it would seek a formal treaty with Rwanda, which would provide stronger legal guarantees than its current bilateral arrangement.

As part of efforts to address the Supreme Court’s concerns, a new deal could see British lawyers stationed in Rwandan courts.

As part of the treaty, Rwanda will also receive £15 million from the European Union to support the expansion of its asylum processing staff, as reported by the Sunday Times.