Best Scotland ever need performance of lifetime
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John Jeffrey called Gregor Townsend’s current team the best Scottish side there’s ever been and I can’t argue with him. It’s definitely one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

It’s the most enjoyable, most coherent, most fluid, and quickest side we’ve ever made. Their consistency and threat make them the most dangerous.

My only wish is that when I played the game, it was like how Gregor has set them up and how ambitious they are about their game.

Despite our best efforts, the best Scottish team we’ve produced faces an uphill battle to advance. Among the top five in the world are the world’s number one, number two, and number five. That’s cruel. It’s time to say goodbye to one outstanding rugby team.

Having just won a series in New Zealand, Ireland has just won a Grand Slam. All Blacks were bludgeoned by a record score by the South Africans. As far as World Cup groups go, this has to be the toughest.